Note: Submission of application does not guarantee a badge or a time frame in which it will be issued if clearance is approved.

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General Badge Issuing Steps

SIDA, AOA & Sterile Badges:

  1. Submission of Application and Two (2) forms of identification
  2. Fingerprinting and Security Threat Assessment
  3. SIDA & Ground Vehicle Operation training and testing
  4. Issuing of badge
  5. Submission of Application and Two (2) forms of identification
  6. Security Threat Assessment
  7. SIDA & Ground Vehicle Operation training and testing
  8. Issuing of badge

Authorized Signatories

Authorized Signatories are individuals working for an existing or approved new company at HDN who are authorized to initiate the process for a potential badge applicant based on operational need.  Authorized signatories must have an active HDN issued badge and the Authorized Signatory Training/Refresher Training once a year. Authorized Signatories must also keep a current list of badge holders that have been signed off under the Signatory/Company and be able to submit it to the Security Office upon request.


Badge Application

  1. Applicant starts the application process by filling out their section on the first and second page of the Badge Application PDF online. Once complete send the application to the Authorized Signatory.
  2. Authorized signatory reviews the application and confirms all the information the Applicant provides. If any required information is missing they must have the applicant complete before signing their section. Once complete the Authorized Signatory will approve the application by signing their applicable section.
  3. Print both pages of the Application (two sided), sign and date front and back.
  4. Schedule a new Application appointment online with the Badging office.
  5. Submit application with two forms of acceptable identification documents in person to the HDN Security Office to begin background check and processing.

All Badge Applications may be filled-out by hand or computer and printed double sided. HDN Security Office will not accept illegible Badge Applications.

Fingerprinting and the accepted two forms of identification are required at the time of application submission. All required items must be present at the time of application submission; the Security Office will not accept photo copies or hold on to documentation if required documentation is missing.


TSA Notice May 29, 2019

“Beginning June 4, 2019 all SIDA applicants with a Place of Birth and Citizenship indicated at United States will be required to submit Social Security Numbers. The absence of a valid Social Security Number for this category of SIDA applicants will result in an error.”


Background Check

Applicants must provide the following required identification documents for a Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) and Security Threat Assessment (STA). Once a Background screening has been completed and cleared, applicants have 30 days to return to complete the badging process or they may be required to start the application process from the beginning.

Two (2) forms if identification are required:

  • One form of identification to verify identity
  • One form to verify employment authorization

For positions requiring driving of equipment, an unexpired state-issued driver’s license issued within the United States must be submitted.

If names do not match on all required documents, applicants are required to provide supporting documents that show proof of legal name change.

Example: A marriage license or other supporting court documentation.

Failure to provide the required two (2) forms of identification Documentation may prolong the badging process.


Security Training

Once the background check has cleared and access has been approved, applicants are required to complete and pass the necessary security and operations course and tests for their role at HDN. Once issued a badge, refresher training must be successfully completed once a year to maintain an active badge.


Issue of HDN Badge

An official HDN Badge will be issued upon satisfactory completion of the application requirements listed. Failure to complete any of the steps may delay or disqualify applicant from receiving access privileges at HDN.  Badge holders must comply with all rules and regulations to maintain an active badge. Badges are only valid from the day issued through the date displayed on the badge.


Badge Renewal

Expired badges are not valid and must be renewed before they expire or badge holder may be required to reapply and complete all steps of the badging process. Upon renewal of expired Airport ID Media Badge Holders are required to provide current and valid 2 forms of identification and refresher training prior to new badge being issued.


Lost or Stolen Badge

Individuals issued a badge are expected to maintain accountability of the issued badge at all times. If an issued badge becomes lost or stolen, it must be reported to the HDN Security Office or Operations (Unicom) immediately. The Badge Holder will fill out a statement and be required to pay a $100 fine prior to a receiving a replacement.

For more information contact:

Brandy Knight – Airport Security Coordinator    970-276-5019

Dave Collins – Assistant Airport Security Coordinator   970-276-5040

11005 RCR 51A
P.O. Box 1060
Hayden, CO 81639

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