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Yampa Valley Regional Airport Terminal Area Plan

The Yampa Valley Regional Airport has completed the Terminal Area Plan (TAP), which will serve as the 20-year blueprint for the future layout, improvements, and expansion of the Airport’s terminal facilities. The TAP recommends improvements to accommodate the recent and expected future enplanement growth as well as enhance the airport experience for passengers. This TAP focuses on the terminal area, which includes the commercial terminal building, commercial terminal apron, and parking lots. The recommendations from this TAP will replace outdated recommendations from the 2015 Master Plan and address the terminal area needs for both short- and long-term planning purposes. Please join us for a public information meeting:

On October 3, 2023, the Airport held a public information open house to present the 20-year conceptual development plan as well as the financial implementation analysis that prioritizes projects and outlines funding sources. The presentation was followed by an open house where the public had an opportunity to interact with Airport staff and the consultant team to have questions answered, and provide comments on the recommendations of the TAP.

The final version of the TAP report and materials from both public open houses are available at the links below. 


Airport Master Plan

Adopted April, 2015 by the Board of County Commissioners, Routt County, Colorado

The Master Plan is a 20 year plan to understand the needs of current and future users of the airport. This is important to ensure that safe and orderly development occurs in a manner that is reflective of the community’s values and goals. The plan is developed through a purposeful, inclusive and educational process.

Study Goals

The purpose of this process was to update the Yampa Valley Regional Airport (YVRA or HDN) Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan drawing set (ALP) and determine the extent, type, and schedule of development needed to accommodate future aviation demand at the Airport over a 20-year planning period. The current HDN ALP was revised to reflect updated geometry from design and construction in 2015. This Master Plan was updated in 2015, with the following main objectives:

  • Determine the condition and adequacy of existing facilities over the 20-year planning period
  • Forecast aviation activity, including operations and based aircraft
  • Recommend needed facility improvements to accommodate forecast demand and safety requirements while addressing the values and economic growth plan of the community
  • Prepare a financial plan that considers HDN’s budget, revenue, and expenses as well as future funding scenarios