Airport Improvements

Improvement Projects at Yampa Valley Regional Airport:

Many exciting improvements are slated throughout 2022-2023

  • Installed bag belts to automate the feed to TSA’s new oversize (skis & boards) bag scanner (YVRA funded); project completed in Aug ‘22
  • Removed and replaced all three (3) carry-on bag scanners (TSA funded project); new machines are more accurate; should result in less false positives and unneeded searches, and faster passenger processing times; project completed Aug ‘22
  • Checked baggage scanning facility remediation project (TSA funded project); new configuration will reduce TSA personnel injuries, optimize checked baggage scanning, and reduce scanning times; Phase 1 completed Nov ’22; Phase 2 ECD Apr ‘23
  • Expanded commercial aircraft deicing facilities (FAA/State of CO/YVRA funded); increased deice pads from two to four; reduced aircraft ground times and delays during snowy weather; project completed Sep ‘22
  • Construction of a rental car carwash, two associated rental car storage lots and paving access road to carwash and rental car refueling facility (YVRA & CFC funded); reduces the turn time for rental cars and makes more rental cars available for our customers; parking lots and road paving completed Sep ’22; carwash ECD May ‘23
  • Removed and replaced both terminal heating boilers (YVRA funded); new boilers are smaller & higher efficiency units; project completed Oct ‘22
  • Removed and replaced baggage claim HVAC unit (YVRA funded); new HVAC unit is higher efficiency; project completed Dec ‘22
  • General Aviation Development Plan (FAA/CDOT/YVRA funded); facilitates new on-airport aviation hangars & businesses; adds jobs and tax base; Phase 1 starts Apr ‘23
  • Road, fence and power line relocation, and area grading all programed for 2023 (YVRA funded) in support of the General Aviation Development Plan; ECD is Oct ‘23
  • Terminal Area Plan (FAA/State of CO/YVRA funded); public comment solicitation starts Feb ’23; Jun ‘23 completion will set the stage for next multi-phase/multi-year terminal expansion; design in ’24 and terminal expansion scheduled to start in ‘25 or ‘26
  • Update and publish YVRA’s Primary Management and Compliance Documents (YVRA funded); improved documents to more effectively administer airport business operations; ECD is Feb ‘23